annuity investment calculator

Annuity investment calculator

Now you can enjoy steady income after retirement, through getting annuity investment calculator. It is for everyone and here is free investment calculator available for the purpose. With regards to this, you can now see amount in the future, according to the plan and installment amount. Moreover, you can now have estimate of the future amount in today time, using this calculator in excel tool. This is because; there is no room for error when using it. (i.e. automatic calculation).

annuity investment calculator

For instance various financial calculators are available here like, “loan”, “interest”, “currency”, “inflation”, “lease”, “budget” & “income tax” calculator. These all are available in excel workbook, as it is easy to operate. Similarly, sheet is ready to use.

Annuity investment calculator format

Basically, you can now use the calculator in most efficient manner through understanding its format. Some of its pros are:

Data in form of dashboard is available.

  • You can now have clear picture of your finances using upper section of the sheet.
  • This part of the calculator consists of: “present value”, “interest rate”, “and term in years”, “value after 7 years”.
  • In a like manner, others are, “monthly payment after 7 years”, “value after 20 years” and “monthly payment after 20 years”.

You can now have exact estimates and amounts as well.

  • The tables have headings, “month”, “balance”, “interest earned”, “interest + balance”, “amount paid to investor” & “new balance”.
  • You can either add more columns or rows according to your needs.
  • Likewise, enter the data and start using it.

Best annuity plans calculator

Well, you can now choose the best annuity plan for you and your family. This is through having a clear picture of the finances. Moreover, some are beneficial for you, and these can be seen using this calculator.  Download the free calculator to learn more!


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