Daily construction report template

Believe it or not, construction projects are different of a kind and require much more project tracking and monitoring. Download free premium quality http://chandaulisamachar.com/?q=viagra-daily-cost-walmart daily construction report template here. With this ready to go template your construction managers are able to track all the on-site work, fixed costs, overheads, labor costs & others. Improve your team performance and guide them wherever help is required with professional template. For instance this is available in different formats, therefore you can select one according to your needs and requirements.

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“Consulting the daily construction logs can clear up these disputes by showing what work was done each day and what the client approved.” (According to why are construction daily reports important on smartsheet.com)

Daily construction logs are vital and critical for better planning and control for the construction projects. It is requirement for projects these days, as any important data can be visualized any time as well.

Daily construction report template

source link Main components and features of daily construction report template

We have added all the important features for this template here. Let’s have a look at the format of the sheet before downloading it:

generic viagra online order Construction Report General information

Start by entering general information on the top of template.

  • Add contractor name in the cell next to it.
  • Don’t forget to enter the company name in it.

Project construction program

A template which is personalized and keep your template specific to the construction project is available here.

Fill the information for:

  1. Project name
  2. Job No
  3. Report No.
  4. Date
  5. Weather
  6. Temp. Max

As well!

You can catch small issues and solve them before they actually turn into bigger issues!

Personnel employed:

Keep record for the workforce hired for the specific construction project. Moreover you can see the contractors and sub-contractors employed for the daily basis as well..


Now add the name for the contractors hired.

A list is available in the sample template. Modify it before using it!

Sub-contractors & major No:

This part of the daily construction report template require you to enter sub-contractors and the major number for them as well.

Work performed today:

To help you monitor and track the activities performed by your workforce, you are able to use your template.

It shows the details and the descriptions for the work performed today.


Add the other details in this part of the template.

Download this template as it is a right way to go and track your construction.

Construction Report Excel

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