Most of the service providing companies and shops are charging their clients on the basis of time avail  and spend by their workers and therefore invoice with hours and rate is prepare in excel. If you are feeling difficulty in calculating charge amount. You are able to do so through downloading this template and making your payment process simple and smooth.

service invoice template

With so many companies and shops offering same types of services. There is strong competition in the market and therefore keeping your existing customers with you and getting new customers is important for survival of your business. Which can now ensure through charging them efficiently.

Service Invoice Template features

Various templates are add here for making functioning easy and simpler and make a look at some of the features of these templates:

Invoice with hours and rate excel

  • If you are looking for the spreadsheet which can helps you organize your customers data as well as services taken by them, this template is ideal for you.
  • You are able to prevent errors in the calculation as you are just require to add the rate per hour. Estimate hours for the job and the rest is calculate automatically.
  • Prepare in multiple spreadsheets and dashboard is available as well.

Invoice with hours and rate PDF

  • If you are offering multiple services under one roof, you might need to download this document.
  • You are now able to launch special promotions for your customers and discounts on special occasions through using this format for the invoice.
  • It ensures you get more customers timely.

Consultant invoice template excel

If you are offering consultancy services of any sort like offering visa services. If you are offering guide to the students, you are now able to download this excel spreadsheet and this can share with your customers to give them an idea about the cost of the services and your expertise in the field as well.

Service Invoice Template PDF

Service Invoice Template Excel



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