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How can Install Microsoft Office 2010?

source link If you want to install Microsoft office 2010, you must have at least these features in your computer.

source url 1. Minimum Processor 500Mhz.
2. Operating system Xp or 7
3. Minimum RAM Required 512MB
4. Hard drive Space Required 2GB

go here Installation Procedure:

herbal alternative to viagra 1. Insert CD/DVD into drive.
2. A few moments later Microsoft Office setup will automatically run into your system.
What is Setup?
“Setup” is a program that is used to install the software. There are a few steps to run a programs. In these stages the program would have to get some information from you and finally install the software according to the information.

Office Installation Steps:
1. First, the setup is prepares the necessary files. After the files are ready for the next window automatically exposed.

how can install microsoft office
2. In next step setup asked for the password which is written on the CD.
3. If your password is correct then press the Continue Button.

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