forcasting model for new product

New product sales and profit forecasting model Template

You can now look upon the fact, how your product and business is is performing. New products are vital for keeping your brand popular and its sales and profit % can now be determined easily. Forecasting model template is now available in excel tool for tracking and check purpose. On the subject of this, you can now judge the market as well. Moreover, customers demand and likeness to the products is available as well.

forecasting model template

There are several factors, which are analyzed, before introducing any new product. But, if any of your products is not earning the profit for a long time, you can see it using this excel sheet. Sales of the new product or service is also dependent on your competitors and price as well.

New product sales and profit forecasting model template format

If at this time, you are looking for more details, you need to see the format. Here are some of the pros of it:

Make comparison for the month or more.

  • Either you are going to stop the existing product or introduce new one, you need to make a comparison.
  • In the same way, cash flow for the product A or Product B is available as well.
  • The sheet consists of: “product sales data” ,”scenario 1” ,”target operating income”, “scenario 2” and “target market share”.

Make your decisions smartly and timely.

  • The fact that, some of the decisions are need to make instantly. This is possible with availability of data.
  • In any scenario, the product profit and sales volume differ and this is available in this excel sheet.
  • It is fully editable and easy to use.

forcasting model for new product

Income projection template excel

For instance, if you are looking for the total income in the month or for the product in the year, you need this specific excel sheet. Before launching a new product, you may need more help and data in different scenarios.


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