cost trend analysis

Now you can get viagra in uk estimate costs for your best otc viagra alternatives project using cost trend analysis sheet. Thinking about how? Well, this analysis template is use for budgeting and tracking, using previous cost facts. As a matter of fact, project management is not all about planning; in fact manager is answerable for costs as well. Now you can make and forecast your project using this excel sheet. Moreover, you can prevent any incorrect decision using this sheet.

cost trend analysis

Cost Trend Analysis Template

No to mention, but if initial budgeting is correct, you are able to control other expenses later as well. On the other hand, even if you are not good at analysis, still you can make smart decisions. This sheet is ready to use, therefore you can start using it right way. Cost trend is best policy for all!

Cost trend analysis format

Well, here is a basic template and its format as well. some of the prose of the sheet helps in making you the decision as well:

Make analysis of the cost for your project:

  • In fact, it is made up of various tables.
  • “project cost data” shows, “year”, “budget”, “YTD actual previous month”, “ETC”, “revised forecast” and “variance”.
  • The second table is for, “PMO cost trend analysis”. Main components include: “straight line”, “variance” and “weighted last month”.

Prevents challenge at your workplace:

  • Any excess cost of over budgeting can be seen at right time.
  • This sheet shows project name and “budget”, “actual previous month”, “actual this month”, “ETC”, “variance line”, “straight line”.
  • You can even make the changes in the worksheet.

Trend analysis example spreadsheet:

For one thing, this template can assist you everywhere. Whether predicting future costs or comparison, this sheet can help everywhere. Moreover, you can now deal with multiple projects easily at the same time. Get this sheet and don’t forget to comment!


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