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Packing List Format Excel

If you are going on a vacation, you need certain things. While packing, any items forget can lead to trouble later. Packing list format can now be prepared easily using excel format sheet available here. As a matter of fact, you can tally your packing list with ordered items, and it makes your shipment fast and accurate. This worksheet is therefore helpful for shipment companies as well. In addition to this, there is no need for opening the packed box.packing list format


This free and easy fill in worksheet can help all. It is advisable to click on it and learn more. It is free of cost; therefore it can be used for personal or business tracking purpose as well. Besides some business keep record of the shipment manually, and any lost data can lead to troubles. Make your working simple and fast, through getting this template.

Packing list format excel

This worksheet is amazingly helpful and easy to handle. Learn more about the format of the sheet:

This can be used as shipment packing list.

  • Are you sending shipment nationally or internationally? Besides you need to have proper record for the orders received and orders sent.
  • This free sheet can help all the shipment companies. With regards to this, you can now focus on marketing and other operations through downloading it.
  • Some of its core components include: “order date”, “shipment number”, “shipment weight”, “shipment method”, and “customer comments”.

If you are student going on trip, you may need college packing list.

  • A sample for this sheet is also available here. In the same way, this sheet also saves your time and prevents forgetting anything on the trip. While preparing this, experts help is taken to make it more useful.
  • The sample sheet consists of: “clothing”, “electronics”, “kitchen items”, money”, “laundry”, “documentation”, “bedding”, “school supplies” and “others”.
  • Usually, there is no need to make any change as all the items are part of each list. Still you can add more items in the list according to your need.

Get free trip packing list worksheet here.

  • User guide is available with all the worksheets.
  • They are free os cost and ready to use.
  • You can always ask for customization or make it yourself.

Vacation list template free downloads

Going on small vacation with your family or making a vacation outside state with your friends? In other words, you can now make your vacations and trips more stress free and exciting through getting this sheet. It makes your packing easy through holding data like, tent, shade fly, coolers, clothes, armor, water, camp kitchen, camp gear and others.


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