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Project Planning presentation plays a vital role in project success; therefore you can now avoid your project deadlines with availability of project plan presentations. In addition to this, overseeing the tasks is necessary to plan smartly for all types of project. to tell the truth, most disasters occur, due to lack of planning, therefore experts are giving consideration to this factor these days.

Project Planning Presentation

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons to get started with these presentations:

Project scope

  • Project planning is actually a mix up of series of processes, involving project scope. Moreover, it is further divide up into “process”, “project group” & key deliverables”.
  • With this presentation, you have all in all. Specifically, flow chart is available for all.
  • With regards to this, a proper process, all the project groups, persons involve and main deliverables can be stated & share.

Project schedule

  • Let alone, these slides help you in outlining workable schedule for your project. (** it depends on size and type of project as well).
  • Similarly, you can prepare individual schedule for, “week 1”, “week2” and “moreover”. (You are able to see project completion % in any week).
  • Additionally, at the end, you have view to the total project completion as well. (it is calculate automatically).

Project resources

  • Availability of resources affects the planning process; therefore separate slide is available for it.
  • To illustrate, and to excite you even more, each “resource required”, “resource available”, “resource free or utilized” is available.
  • The fact that, each resource is critical to the specific stage. (**you have view to the % for each resource).

Project budget & cost

  • Planning process is incomplete without project budgeting and cost estimation. Considering this, a whole slide is available for this.
  • In the like manner, you are able to fulfill executive responsibilities easily with this one.
  • Plan cost and budgeting for, “each phase” including “status” & result”. (Well-presented bar chart is available for it as well).

Project quality

  • Definitely, if deliverables are of high-quality, your customer will provide you more projects in the future.
  • Ensure deliverables of high-quality with this slide.
  • Moreover, you can easily carry out “quality check” at the end; before handling over the project to client.

Project risk

  • Specifically, you are now always aware of the projects risks with this project plan presentation.
  • Moreover, each risk is categorized as, “external”, “internal”, “harmful” or “helpful” as well.
  • Automatically provide the room for SWOT analysis for project managers.
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