project portfolio dashboard template

Uncover the value of your projects using single sheet, known as “project portfolio dashboard”. With all the key highlights, it is now available in dashboard templates form, making tracking and management easy. In addition to this, managing all aspects of projects and departments is vital for its success as well as for cost control. Furthermore, putting the entire project data under one sheet is really difficult; if you are creating it from scratch, you may miss out single or multiple variables. “Create” & “select plan”, and make major decisions, which is also vital for investment purpose, through making excel dashboards, as your helpers!

project portfolio dashboard template

Project Portfolio Dashboard Template

As a matter of fact, your leaders are able to compare the selected projects and everyday work management is well effective as well. to tell the truth, portfolio worksheet should be a comprehensive listing of all active project status reports within your department. Ensure prevention of frauds through this!  The fact that dashboard should be easily view able and show up in individual’s mailboxes to be viewed. You can share it online with cloud computing or google sheets as well. Save your lot of $$$$ through project management, Of course your business has unique requirements and your own way of operating.

Get ahead of your projects through project portfolio dashboard template

You can see the most effective sheets in this regard below. Here are couples of salient features of these excel templates:

project portfolio dashboard

  1. Free KPI dashboard template

Delivering the data in professional form and organized representation is key feature of this top dashboard. Moreover, as project manager, you can now have “multiple visions for your projects”, using this magical excel sheet. Look out for its pros:

  • It can easily be “modified” to suit your needs. To illustrate, you can alter shades and font as well.
  • Specifically, KPI dashboard prevents confusion while delivering immediate visibility and control.
  • Categorical arrangement, this way you can save up efforts and your time. In fact, Better project management is possible
  • “Everyday work management”, prevent hassle for the bigger projects and in busy days.
  • . the fact that, You may desire “customized screens”, “professional tables”, “amazing dashboards”, “field labels”, “inventory data”, “reports” and “workflows|.
  • For example, targets per KPI, you can better manage time available.
  • You can track employees information as well.
  • Dashboard design is simple and easy to read. No increased costs for training.
  • Many times reports are ready to use. To tell the truth if they contain either too much or too little information, no efficiency is left.
  • You can achieve “success” without the need to hire outside consultants.

Project portfolio dashboard template 2017

Especially designed with latest technology and features, this worksheet conveys key metrics, and help project managers, in carrying out their role efficiently! With this reusable and awesome excel project portfolio sheet, you don’t need any other “paid software” for managing or budgeting.  Now control all of your projects with this powerful tool:

  • In all honesty, portfolio provides a summary view into all the projects in your company! Are you aware of all?
  • What is more beneficial than being organized? “Track business expenses” & “project budget”in an organized way,
  • Moreover, no need to switch between spreadsheets. It puts the total project status in one brief format.
  • There are Charts, pie diagram, bar charts, and other graphical indicators so that you are aware of “risks”, “danger timeline zone” & “others”.
  • Likewise, sales & stock management is no longer hard.
  • It ensures up-to-date information at your fingertips. ** all of your team
  • Senior Executives has to take instant decisions. Specifically, they have access to data always!
  • Or instance, individual project or collective can be managing all!
  • In case, you are outsourcing tasks, you can see the “outcomes and deliverables”.
  • Trends occurring are vital for growth & management.

portfolio dashboard template

Project management templates in Dashboards form

Uncovering data gaps sooner are better. To tell the truth, lack of relevant data or any loop hole can affect your organization for large; prevent loss of your precious clients through smartly supervising your projects! Now, get cool looking graphs, with and other features with these templates excel:

  • To tell the truth, capture a snapshot with premium dashboards. They do show of what is happening at a given point!
  • For instance, User friendly interface and free of cost
  • Input your monthly revenues and expenses. ** True to the extent, calculations are done automatically.
  • Specifically, managers, can always see up-to-dated data.
  • “Pattern based connectivity”, it is vital for seasonal variations and in various projects.
  • Notably, you are able to access your information from anywhere. Well, you can make changes in the plans as well.
  • Equally, quick views into project health. (this is practice of successful leaders)
  • You can track the key details and make invoicing & financing decisions. * Grow your business.
  • Yes, “Centralized management” is possible.
  • In a like manner, it is all very familiar to excel users.
  • Extensive reporting and Dashboards and therefore you are never out of choice. Moreover, they are available in various formats.
  • Likewise, you have quick & relevant snapshot of how a project is doing and rest!
  • “Tracking issues”, “earned value”, “activities”, “labor” and progress becomes much easier.
  • It does all for you. It calculates important business metrics like the finances, invoices, current, quick, cash ratios, budgets, resources and all!
  • Project managers are always having interaction with customers. They can even share it with them.
  • Trending visibility is another bright feature for portfolio dashboards.

Try it for yourself and ensure success for your projects. Moreover, you have access to the user tutorial guides and videos as well. in case, you are fain any trouble or need specific type of template, you can always ask us! Don’t forget to share your reviews and we will appreciate it!


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