social media dashboard template

If you are looking for a single platform with all your social media campaigns and activities for your business, check out our dashboard templates available here. Indeed, whole lists of spreadsheets are available, which you can even customize now!

Social Media Dashboard Template

For instance, social media plays major role in making your brand recognizable online and you can actively let know your customers about, “what’s going on inside the company?” with smart social media activities. On the other hand without using this platform you may be unable to improve the search page rankings and beating your competitors can be daunting task.

social media dashboard template

Social media dashboard template format & features

We have compilation of excel spreadsheets, so that you are never out of choice. Look out for the features for each of them here:

Dashboard examples & templates

  • In fact, with your premium dashboard, you will know “exactly what’s going on in your business at all times” and therefore all the minor and major factors!
  • Have you ever think for a moment, how much time do you or your staff spend creating reports in Excel, data management, updated reports or other spreadsheet programs? Save it all with these amazing sheets.
  • In addition to this, you know exactly what’s going on in all aspects of your business. (avoid hidden problems & have clues before the time) This allows you to better manage your smaller or bigger company**.
  • Considering competitors and market these days, many executive spend time creating business strategic plans for their organization to follow. Moreover, you can now enjoy the success.

dashboard template

Free social media excel templates

  • To say nothing of, defining your company KPI’s are important for sues of plans and for sustainability off your company as well. They are incomplete without your social media plans!
  • For one thing, you are now always in connecting with your audience. Therefore, you can learn about, “product behavior”, “marketing plans required”, “product scope in the market”, “political turmoil which may affect the availability of raw material” & “all in all”.
  • Furthermore, each decision level (from managerial level to down in the hierarchy), dashboard can be customized (add columns or rows or change colors**) to present the most valuable and useful set of information.
  • To tell you the truth your dashboard can automatically show your goals from your business plan versus your actual, real-time results. This is required by all for definitely better decision-making!.
  • By way of example you can enjoy customer engagement better through remaining active on the social media; this is also due to the fact as these websites are favorite globally.!

Ultimate social media excel templates

  • While this might be past the extent of information examination for a few dashboards, you need to learn about them before making use of them. Yes right!
  • Regarding this, the substance of a dashboard report will rely upon the gathering of people – (all your project members). Moreover, remember this while tweaking your dashboard to make it more compelling and amazing!
  • How much sales did it bring in? Please tell me the region? Is product A is better than product X? Well your social media engagement can answer all these questions.
  • The fact that, you can now save down on the long run with these sheets. How? Get a one and see how it can do all it for you.
  • Not to mention this, you have complete visibility of your business at single platform! If you have any tool or thinking about getting it. check any template available here and you can definitely reduce down your expenses (save your lot of $$$). Blank social media template for your social media
  • Are you aware of the fact? In the past clients would invest expansive measure of energy investigating and breaking down various reports to end in a last conclusion. (Definitely not so confident**).
  • This device permits to see, initially, a general circumstance report of the coveted data. As for this, it ensures reduced stress.
  • You can remain always ahead of your competitors and therefore grow your business. It shows, “facebook audience”, “twitter followers”, “Instagram likes”, “google + comments”.
  • Concerning this, traffic conversions and data is also required to look upon the fact, that how your business is performing on any specific day!
  • To tell the truth, you are able to choose the “KPI’s according to your company and your competitors”. Customizing blank template is ideal & don’t any expertise!
  • If you don’t have company page or profile on the Facebook, twitter, Instagram or google +, consider making them now and enjoy clients engagement

social media dashboard

Major social media metrics (which can make your template complete)


  • There can never be prominent spot for your business than the tool with “In” sign. Yes, LinkedIn is favorite for all the types of business; either it’s a call center or company!
  • In fact, it shows business performance trends over the previous months. Ensure marketing strategies, which can improve your profitability.
  • Your social media dashboards always hold this or add this one!


  • Alternatively, no other social media platform is as popular as this one!
  • If you have lot of followers and likes on this social media platform, definitely your brand is famous out there (add promotions or quizzes to attract more clients on your Facebook business page)
  • It is favorite for public & business owners.


  • Specifically, no one is unaware of the blue bird available out there! Yes it represents Twitter.
  • To run a successful social media campaign, you need to be active on this platform as according to the latest survey, it is most visited site on the daily basis globally!
  • Definitely, you are introducing new product or you need to get more traffic on your company, it is not possible, without getting a lot of victors from your twitter.

There a lot more metrics out there including “pinterest”, “StumbleUpon”, “google plus” and you can even share more!

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